Kenio on YouTube

"If you've followed Walking Rumor for a while you'd notice that we have this thing called 'WRTV'. 
Our WRTV episodes appear on YouTube on our main channel and is operated by Kenio. 
This is something we'd like to change." - Blackie

The WRTV episodes will continue on the bands YouTube page but will no longer be operated by any specific member. 
This might just be an opportunity for any content creators out there for a job to get their hands on.

Kenio has started his own YouTube channel where he will share his interests besides music, his favorite moments with the bands and other. 
Until he has 100 subs, there will unfortunately be no direct channel name in the channels URL. 
So we're here to help you out! 

Link for his channel:

We can't wait to see what's going to happen on this channel. 
Stay tuned! 

"I've started up a YouTube channel of my own. 
This channel is about my interest, my art skills and for my favorite moments with the band (Walking Rumor). 
This doesn't mean that I'm striving to be the next big YouTube star because music is my life. 
I just like to have a place where I can share these things with you guys." - Kenio