Beneath The Music

Beneath The Music is a consulting/PR firm for musicians and various artists. 
It's a project started up by Kenio and Blackie and it's already getting friends in awesome places. 
They've already teamed up with projects like Mørkværk Studios, ZombunnyFX and Carrasco Photography. 

"When I was a kid wanting to start up a band, I searched high and low for someone who could guide me in the right direction. Someone like that just didn't exist at the time, so I had to learn everything on my own and by that I gained a lot of experience, wisdom and contacts. 
Now it's time for someone like that to exist." - Kenio

"I've been playing with Kenneth for about 4 years and traveled the hardest road to success along his side. Being a full time musician isn't a position that comes easily. Although my experience isn't equal, my insight in the matter won't let you down." - Blackie

This is an exciting time and Beneath The Music will handle all visual Walking Rumor PR in the future. 

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