Walking Rumor hits Spotify editorial playlist NEW BLOOD with Let Them Talk

The 8 of November, Walking Rumor released a new single called Let Them Talk. As soon as the song came out, it went onto the Spotify editorial playlist named New Blood. It went straight into the top 10 placement on the playlist and has generated over 1000 streams since it's release. 












Let Them Talk is a song that is very different from the what we’ve heard from Walking Rumor in the past. The song provides the listener with an encouraging atmosphere, but with lyrics that touches upon the invisible battles one might be fighting. All though Walking Rumor has written songs about mental health in the past, this song represents more than that. The first lyrics you hear on the song says; “It started with a feeling that turned into a word. With passion it grew stronger every time that it got hurt”, which could indicate a specific feeling that we all share but experience in different contexts.


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