Emergenza Festival 2019 

Walking Rumor will be playing at this years Emergenza Festival. 
The band is participating in the band battle and strives for the victory. 
First show will be held on April 5 at Musikhuset Posten. 

Tickets available soon. 

AuditionDays 2019 

Walking Rumor will be playing AuditionDays 2019 in cooperation with ORA on Apr 11 at Studentherhuset Odense. 
They will be joined by Kalaset, Mawic and Awake the lights.

More info in the SHOWS menu

First 2019 show CONFIRMED! 

First show from Walking Rumor 2019 confirmed! 

Walking Rumor will be supporting Junkyard Drive on march 2 at Kansas City, Odense /DK
The band will introduce the crowd to the coming album 'Symbiosis' and we hope to see you all there. 
Tickets available through the show menu. 

No age limit. 
Pre-sale tickets: 100 DKK
Venue tickets: 120 DKK
Doors: 8pm
Show: 9pm 

New Single - WASTED YEARS 

The new single from Walking Rumor is OUT NOW! 
Wasted Years is the first single from the coming album 'Symbiosis'.

New Single Coming Friday (Documentary) 

Walking Rumor is releasing their first single of their coming album 'Symbiosis' this Friday. 
They've made this mini documentary about the process of writing the song and working with the guys at LAK Studios. 

Beneath The Music 

Beneath The Music is a consulting/PR firm for musicians and various artists. 
It's a project started up by Kenio and Blackie and it's already getting friends in awesome places. 
They've already teamed up with projects like Mørkværk Studios, ZombunnyFX and Carrasco Photography. 

"When I was a kid wanting to start up a band, I searched high and low for someone who could guide me in the right direction. Someone like that just didn't exist at the time, so I had to learn everything on my own and by that I gained a lot of experience, wisdom and contacts. 
Now it's time for someone like that to exist." - Kenio

"I've been playing with Kenneth for about 4 years and traveled the hardest road to success along his side. Being a full time musician isn't a position that comes easily. Although my experience isn't equal, my insight in the matter won't let you down." - Blackie

This is an exciting time and Beneath The Music will handle all visual Walking Rumor PR in the future. 

Visit Beneath The Music today!

Kenio on YouTube 

"If you've followed Walking Rumor for a while you'd notice that we have this thing called 'WRTV'. 
Our WRTV episodes appear on YouTube on our main channel and is operated by Kenio. 
This is something we'd like to change." - Blackie

The WRTV episodes will continue on the bands YouTube page but will no longer be operated by any specific member. 
This might just be an opportunity for any content creators out there for a job to get their hands on.

Kenio has started his own YouTube channel where he will share his interests besides music, his favorite moments with the bands and other. 
Until he has 100 subs, there will unfortunately be no direct channel name in the channels URL. 
So we're here to help you out! 

Link for his channel:

We can't wait to see what's going to happen on this channel. 
Stay tuned! 

"I've started up a YouTube channel of my own. 
This channel is about my interest, my art skills and for my favorite moments with the band (Walking Rumor). 
This doesn't mean that I'm striving to be the next big YouTube star because music is my life. 
I just like to have a place where I can share these things with you guys." - Kenio