First 2019 show CONFIRMED!

First show from Walking Rumor 2019 confirmed! 

Walking Rumor will be supporting Junkyard Drive on march 2 at Kansas City, Odense /DK
The band will introduce the crowd to the coming album 'Symbiosis' and we hope to see you all…



The new single from Walking Rumor is OUT NOW! 
Wasted Years is the first single from the coming album 'Symbiosis'.


New Single Coming Friday (Documentary)

Walking Rumor is releasing their first single of their coming album 'Symbiosis' this Friday. 
They've made this mini documentary about the process of writing the song and working with the guys at LAK Studios. 


Beneath The Music

Beneath The Music is a consulting/PR firm for musicians and various artists. 
It's a project started up by Kenio and Blackie and it's already getting friends in awesome places. 
They've already teamed up with projects like Mørkværk Studios, ZombunnyFX and…


Kenio on YouTube

"If you've followed Walking Rumor for a while you'd notice that we have this thing called 'WRTV'. 
Our WRTV episodes appear on YouTube on our main channel and is operated by Kenio. 
This is something we'd like to change." -…


Debut album in pre-production

In case you've missed the interview Walking Rumor did with Zombunny Studios, the news about a debut album has finally been confirmed. 
The band is currently in pre-production of the album and the guys plans to hit the studio during…


Zombunny Interview

In case you guys missed our interview with ZomBunny FX last week, here's the link for the Twitch live video. 
Fast forward to 01:59:00.



1000 LIKES on Facebook

Hey everyone! 
We've finally reached 1000 likes on Facebook and we couldn't be happier. 
Because of this we're going live on for an interview at 6pm CET, where we reveal everything that we are working on right now.