Debut album in pre-production

In case you've missed the interview Walking Rumor did with Zombunny Studios, the news about a debut album has finally been confirmed. 
The band is currently in pre-production of the album and the guys plans to hit the studio during August 2018. 
This will be the first full length album from Walking Rumor and it'll be produced and mixed in Copenhagen in cooperation with Target Records / Mighty Music, who've signed the band over for good. 


"The album won't diverse too much from our current EP 'The war within' because it's still our identity and we aren't ready to move out of that zone just yet. We've evolved as a band since then, so ofcourse it'll be different but it will still have that Walking Rumor identity behind it." - Kenio

"A release date is too early to say. We do have ambitions for having it out by early 2019 but we aren't making any promises just yet. This is our first album and we want to make sure it is just perfect." - Jazz


We hope you guys are excited to hear this and we'll make sure to keep the news feed updated! 
For now remember to spread the word and enjoy the songs already released on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes etc. 

- WR HQ.