"We have always been different from others and
that reflects in the music that we are creating." - Walking Rumor

Bringing back the early 2000 and giving it a new spin, we introduce the heavy rock band Walking Rumor from Denmark, who makes honest music that speaks directly to its audience. Influenced by bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Bring me the Horizon, Walking Rumor shows that there are no borders to their creativity. The band recorded their first EP album at Mørkværk Studios, which included the single Proud of Me that got them recognized as a band that means business. The song gave them the privilege of representing Denmark at the Global Battle of the Bands in Berlin (Germany), which was only their fifth show. The EP was followed up by the singles Dedicate to This and Tears me Apart that both were released under the label Mighty Music / Target Records back in 2017. During their time at Mighty Music, the band went on their first European tour supporting Ill Niño, that gave them their first international reach in physical fans. The band took the next step by working on their first full length album Symbiosis, which was recorded at LAK Studios, produced by Claudio Andersen and mixed/mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt (Cabal). Walking Rumor decided to release the album one song at a time, every month starting June 1 / 2019 under their own label Walking Rumor Records, which got them respected as an independent group that took the work into their own hands.